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Heather last logged in on 06/27/2008 at 3:21AM Heather (ID #4178083)
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Gender: Female
Age range: 18 - 25
Hair color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Medium
Hairstyle/Length: Short
Eyes: Black
Weight: 154 lbs / 70 kg
Height: 5' 8 " / 172 cm
Dress Size: 11
Suit Size: 11
Chest/Bust: C
Waist: 28
Hips: 34
Shoe Size: 9
Physique: Medium
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: 25
Residence: Wilmington, Ohio, United States
Also available for work in: cincinnati, OH, columbus, OH, cleveland,OH, Dayton, OH
Transportation Licenses: Car
Ethnicity: Native American/Indian
I am a look-alike of: Haley Berry
Unique Attributes: Beautiful Lips Some May Say Perfect
Languages: English
well my parents were married and divored three times to each other as a child, which could tell you just in that it was a very hostile enviornement for me and brothers in which i have 2. In my life as a teenager i was very mixed up and cunfused in all with having to see my father which was a violent alcoholic and my mother who was a christian! it was like a war. Around the age of 15 i started becoming interested in boys this was after the third and what would be the last time that my father had left for good!! it was quite tramatizing. that lost love that i never got from a father i started looking for in other guys which then yurned out to be a nightmare! i got involved with a guy that was 3 time worse than my father and wound up getting pregnant at the age of 16. he always beat me up and tried to tare me down. At saying that he almost took my like on 3 different occasions that i can distinctly remember while i was pregnant. his family tried to make me have an abortion and myself being delusional and ill i guess thats how you would descibe it, tried to then go behind my mothers back b/c she didn't believe in it and neither did i deep down inside but i was scared.we took it to court to try to overrule my mothers decision at the age of 16. "No" was the judges answere ! Thank God b/c i have the most beautifuliest little girl whick made me look at life and myself in a whole New way theres to much to share but i am very beautiful i am mixes with indian, white , and black!! i believe i have a story and a great testimony for many young girls who go through the same kind of things everyday!! my story far from ends there but i Believe that i am blessed and beautiful and confident in all that i do and every where i go i am shining. I get compliments and stares every wherer i go!! i am from a small town in ohio so really no where to get out yet!!!! I am very Mutitalented and just need that 1 chance to prove myself for me and my daughter!!!!
white House Communications Agency ( Certificate), Security officer of the month (Plaque)
I enjoy singing and socializing with everybody that i come into contact with! I have Excellent communicational skills and am willing to learn and work towrds many skills. I am also very mutitalented. I also am called by many a chamillion which means able to transform in any situation .
  1. Great personality
  2. Great communicational skills, Get along well with everyone i come into contact with
  3. beautiful dark black eyes, high cheeck bones( Indian)
  4. Awsome smile that is priceless
  5. content, Happy

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