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Anu last logged in on 04/26/2008 at 5:17PM Anu (ID #1965200)
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Gender: Female
Age range: 10 - 19
Hair color: Blonde
Complexion: Medium
Hairstyle/Length: Long Straight
Eyes: Grey/Green
Weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg
Height: 5' 5 " / 167 cm
Physique: Medium
Facial Hair: Cleanshaved
Citizenship: Estonia
Sign Language: Yes
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How many miles willing to travel for work: Anywhere
Residence: Jgeva, Estonia, Estonia
Also available for work in: United Kingdom, France, German, Austra/Italy, Spain
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Known Accents: English, Russian, American NY, Spanish, Finnish, Estonian
Languages: English, Russian, Estonian
Commercial StarStarStar
Musician/Bands StarStar
Entertainer StarStarStar
Speciality Acts Star
Model Star
Extra Star
Voice Over Artist StarStar
Voice On Camera StarStar
Video StarStar
Theatre StarStar
Television StarStar
Radio StarStar
Feature/Film StarStar
Drama StarStar
Dancer StarStar
Comedian StarStar
Choreographer StarStar
Child Performer StarStar
Character StarStar
Anchor/Broadcast StarStar
Actor StarStar
Vocalist StarStarStar
Musical StarStarStar
Teen StarStar
Kids/child Star
Hands Star
Fitness Star
Feet Star
Legs Star
Glamour StarStar
Bust/Torso StarStar
Hair StarStarStar
Full Body StarStar
Commercial StarStar
Fashion StarStar
Strings StarStarStar
Drums Star
Guitar Star
Keyboard/Piano Star
Club StarStar
Cha-cha Star
Street Star
Waltz Star
Contemporary Christian StarStar
Pop StarStar
Hip Hop StarStar
Hip Hop StarStar
Country/Western StarStar
Cabaret StarStar
Soul StarStarStar
R & B StarStarStar
Musical Theatre StarStarStar
Blues StarStar
Soccer StarStar
Skate Boarding Star
Roller Skating Star
Yoga StarStar
Volleyball StarStar
Tennis StarStar
Swimming StarStar
Football StarStar
Snow Skiing StarStar
Ice Skating StarStar
Cycling StarStar
Bicycle StarStar
Basketball StarStar
Baseball StarStar
Aerobics StarStar
Acrobatics Star
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

I have 1 brother (19 y.o.) and sister (22 y.o.). So, my childhood was full of interests and learnings, experiences and doings. I went to school, when i was 7 years old, . In age of 8 i started to take part of all kind of singing competitions, which all went just great. And also i went to music school., which i finished last spring. I have studied violin 7 years + 1 year by myself, 3 years piano and 1 year saxophone. Also i have singed myself into television. I'm singing, acting, talking, laughing, dancing, acting, playing .. i am very energy girl. So, i love everything new. I love new people in my life, new places, situations - they gives only more motivation and energy. And i live day in time. It doesn't matter what will happen later, just have fun now and do what you want to, 'cause never know when this all can just end, let's take everything from everything.
Because i live very small country i haven't got chance to go out from here. Especially 'cause i am currently only 15 too. So, now i'm trying to get out from here and get into any bigger casting or be listed by any agency.
But here, i have won bunch of singing competitions, sang myself into television. I'm interviewer in events and do articles about them., i am inviter and introducer of places to people and because my super talking and comfortable feeling everywhere makes this all very easy for me.
I have took part of many violin playing competitions, which took me into final, where were the top 12 best violin players in age 11-14 in my country.
I have had perfomances since very young age so i can call stage my second home. I love it and i want to get higher, than i can be here.
Music - singing, listening, doing it, dancing by it, playing it. Music is my passion.

Acting - i love acting, especially i love scenes where u can scream and cry .. real tears and emotions .. great!

Talking etc - meeting new people, make them seeing things in other side, put them positivity and show them new ways to go. I love helping people, i love make them love again and believe into themselves. You need only to believe and hope, then everything is possible. Where's love, there's miracles.
And also it's good to have many friendships everywhere.
I want to be famous (singer & actor ). I mean, i can be active etc. But this is not what i love, what i feel to.
I don't want to be famous because like... "Oh, yea, i show you, i am cool!!" or whatever.
I want , 'cause i feel it. Since i was very little, i felt it and now this dream grows and grows inside me. I feel that my place is on stage, my soul is in public and my heart is full of exited emotions.
I don't care about money, i don't care about this side so much. Of course i do need it, hotels, flights. I need any place to sleep, i don't wanna feel hungryness and i want to get some shower, that's all what i need. I don't care so much that how many zeros i have after other numbers in my credit card, i don't give a damn sh!t about it.
But but ... One thing, where i want to be in, in future - is charity. I am already in it, i am doing it by mobile phones etc., but i am too young and i don't have power, to do stuff what i want to. I want to help poor children in the streets, homeless people, people who live in terrible places, also i want to be against all that violence and animals killings. Wars and cruel. It is all bad, what people want to be minimalized, but how can we.. What we learn from all those wars? World learns only to be more worse and to accept every time more all this cruel terribly situations. So yeah.
I am full of happiness and positive emotions and i want to share them. I want to feel this power and feeling when you are on stage and you can make people smile, you can see somebody's smiling 'cause you, you can make people listen to you, you can show them, that theres love and caring in the world, you just have to believe in it.
  1. hard worker
  2. positive
  3. powerful, energy
  4. honest
  5. funny

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