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Daisy last logged in on 04/08/2012 at 12:09AM Daisy (ID #8935349)
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Gender: Female
Age range: 9 - 14
Hair color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Tanned
Hairstyle/Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Height: 5' 3 " / 160 cm
Dress Size: 12
Chest/Bust: A
Shoe Size: 7
Physique: Slender
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: Anywhere
Residence: Stockton, California, United States
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic
I am a look-alike of: Myself, Me , I
Unique Attributes: Glasses, Piercing
Known Accents: American LA, Brooklyn, American NY, Spanish, Valley Girl
Actor StarStarStar
Television StarStarStar
Character StarStarStar
Comedian Star
Spokesperson StarStar
Impersonator/Look-alike StarStar
Choreographer StarStar
Animal Actors StarStar
Voice Over Artist StarStarStar
Voice On Camera StarStarStar
Twins StarStarStar
Theatre StarStarStar
Video StarStarStar
Radio StarStarStar
Entertainer StarStarStar
Child Performer StarStarStar
Commercial StarStarStar
Musician/Bands StarStarStar
Drama StarStarStar
Dancer StarStarStar
Extra StarStarStar
Feature/Film StarStarStar
Model StarStarStar
Musical StarStarStar
Print StarStar
Hands Star
Fitness Star
Feet Star
Facial Features Star
Bust/Torso Star
Swimsuit StarStar
Spokes Model StarStar
Hair StarStarStar
Featured StarStar
Catalog StarStar
Calendar StarStar
Teen StarStarStar
Runway StarStarStar
Kids/child StarStarStar
Commercial StarStarStar
Glamour StarStarStar
Fashion StarStarStar
Viola StarStarStar
Percussion Star
Keyboard/Piano Star
Guitar Star
Strings StarStar
Tango Star
Swing Star
Salsa Star
Hip Hop StarStar
Line Star
Jazz/Modern Star
Club Star
Can-Can Star
Folk StarStarStar
Cha-cha StarStar
Ballet StarStar
Two-Step StarStarStar
Tap StarStarStar
Street StarStarStar
Ethnic Dancing StarStarStar
Break StarStarStar
Belly StarStarStar
Ballet Folklyrico StarStarStar
Ballroom StarStar
Jazz Star
Musical Theatre Star
Spanish StarStarStar
Rap StarStar
Soul StarStarStar
Reggae StarStarStar
Hip Hop StarStarStar
R & B StarStarStar
Softball Star
Soccer Star
Martial Arts Star
Jet Ski Star
Ice Skating Star
Football Star
Fencing Star
Cycling Star
Boxing Star
Bowling Star
Wrestling StarStar
Weights StarStar
Volleyball StarStar
Tennis StarStar
Swimming StarStar
Skate Boarding StarStar
Rollerblading StarStar
Hockey StarStar
Frisbee StarStar
Track & Field StarStarStar
Cheerleading StarStarStar
Bicycle StarStarStar
Basketball StarStarStar
Athletics StarStarStar
Gymnastics StarStar
Clown Star
Juggling Star
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

Hi my name is Daisy Lopez and im 11 years old , turning 12 on June. This network may change my life or may not , but that wont stop me because if I fail , I will keep trying. Also you wont regret it if you chose me for anything. I also write songs with words i think of and are pretty fantastic. Why i want to have my dream is because my sis is in a wheelchair and i want a operation for her, to travel with me everywhere.

Now about me is that im every well educated , and i'll take this indrusty very serious to myself. I want to be like other kids and be on television and not just dream of myself famous and i want to achieve my goal and that's why i am. Some other stuff is that my mom always video tape me when I sang and it was fantastic, like I was having my own fans.

Be Famous , want it more that anything else and have a succes life.

Other things , please i will love to have a part of something and have fans around me while im on stage.

Be on a stage , famous and have my sister Jacque stand up after the opperation .


Be in Disneychannels shows / also Nickelodeon.


Meet famous people , but to me their like ordinary.


Win many music awards , ect.

Was In Dace Contest and won First Place .


Sang in a talent show and brought Second Place .


Is singing in a festival in August !
If Want Infomation Call .


I danced in my first communion .


I performed in parties.


I was in Science Camp and performed with my group, which was awsome.


Went to Auddition and got chosen.


2nd grade drawing contest, won 1st place by draing a beautiful swan.

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