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Tiffany last logged in on 01/26/2009 at 9:46AM Tiffany (ID #2437804)
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Gender: Female
Age range: 13 - 17
Hair color: Blonde
Complexion: Tanned
Hairstyle/Length: Long Straight
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 156 lbs / 71 kg
Height: 5' 4 " / 162 cm
Chest/Bust: C
Waist: 34
Hips: 37
Shoe Size: 9
Physique: Medium
Citizenship: United States
Sign Language: Yes
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How many miles willing to travel for work: 300
Residence: Everett, Washington, United States
Also available for work in: California, New York, Nevada, Seattle, Tacoma
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Known Accents: American LA, English, American Southern, American NY, Spanish
Languages: English, Spanish
Keyboard/Piano StarStar
Wind/Brass StarStar
Drums Star
Guitar Star
Strings Star
Percussion StarStar
Ballroom StarStarStar
Hip Hop StarStarStar
Cha-cha StarStar
Salsa StarStar
Club Star
Street Star
Country/Western StarStar
Soul StarStar
Rock StarStar
Reggae StarStar
Jazz StarStar
R & B StarStarStar
Contemporary Christian StarStarStar
Pop StarStarStar
Blues StarStarStar
Hip Hop StarStarStar
Musical Theatre StarStarStar
Ice Skating StarStar
Jet Ski StarStar
Racquetball StarStar
Rock Climbing StarStar
Skate Boarding StarStar
Snow Boarding StarStar
Track & Field StarStar
Wrestling StarStar
Cheerleading Star
Driving-Boat StarStar
Kick boxing Star
Lacrosse Star
Rowing Star
Snow Skiing Star
Soccer Star
Hockey StarStar
Frisbee StarStarStar
Cycling StarStar
Ping Pong StarStarStar
Baseball StarStarStar
Basketball StarStarStar
Bicycle StarStarStar
Bowling StarStarStar
Football StarStarStar
Golf StarStarStar
Roller Skating StarStarStar
Cricket StarStar
Rollerblading StarStarStar
Softball StarStarStar
Tennis StarStarStar
Volleyball StarStarStar
Weights StarStarStar
Boxing StarStar
Swimming Star
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

Hey everyone! My name is Tiffany; full name; Tiffany Marie Davis.
I was born on July 24, 1992. So that make me to be 15 years of living.
I'v lived in WA my WHOLE life, and i'm definately ready for a change.
I'm moving to Reno, Nevada in the next 2-4 months, and i'm extremely excited!
That's going to be better for me anyways, because it'll be easier for me to act in movies, and record at studios, and all that jazz.
So, yeah, i'm pretty darn excited!
Since I was 2 years i have been singing, and at the age of around 6 years old, i decided that singing was my passion, and that i wanted to be a young singer, and just work my way up.
I still feel that way to this very day!
When i found ECN, i was so happy.
It's giving me and a lot of other young people, and older people of course, to get a shot at their dream.

Well, that's all i'm going to say for now. And if you want to know more about my exciting life.. then go to my SSC (Star Search Casting) profile....

That's where all the good stuff is. Like, everything you need to know about me is on my SSC profile! :)
i also have a myspace, where thee is more information and such...
you'll have to add me, because my profile is private. If you don't have a myspace and just want to check it out.. then email me at [email protected]

I am currently working on making a myspace where i upload videos of me singing songs that i have written, and songs that everyone knowns. There will also be videos of me acting out small scripts that i have written.
So, i will keep you guys updated on that! :)
Well, i havn't done anything HUGE, but i have been a few school plays in 7th grade. I was in chior for a couple of years. I basicly would get involved with anything having to do with singing and acting! And everyone loved me! I always heard stuff like, "have you concidered acting", "you'd make a great actress".
-Helping others
-Having a good time
-TV and video games!
-Sleeping and eating, hahaha (who DOESN'T like that?)
-Doing peoples' hair
-Being in front of the camera
-and my savior; GOD
My Entertainment Goal is to be a SINGER. It's my dream!!
Also, i would like to be an actress, but singing, for me, comes first on my list.
Although, if i get an offer to be in a commercial, movie, extra, etc..i will definately not turn that opportunity down!

I am a girl who is, right now, chasing her dream, trying to get a hold on it. Being a singer, rigt now, means the world to me! I looooove love LOVE to sing. Besides taking care of animals at the shelter, singing is my greatest passion! In the near future, i hope to record at a studio.
I have a cousin named Destiny, and we love to sing with eachother. I hope to be in the singing business with her, because it would make this adventure more exciting and fun. She lives just right down the street from me so she's over here all the time. I write my own scripts and songs, and we love to go along with them.
  1. outgoing and fun
  2. reliable
  3. humorouse
  4. sweet
  5. caring and loving

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