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    Audition Details
    Production Title: Casting Call  

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    Status: Open for 9 more days
    Union: Non Union
    Gender: Both
    Pay: No
    Age under 18: No
    Talent needed: 1

    Audition Breakdown:
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    We are casting for the following projects.

    The Other Side (LGBT)- The story of David Croft, 28 year old bisexual, attorney who has recently ended a long term relationship and explores bisexuality. David does not believe in the ability to be able to fall in love with a man and entertains them strictly for sexual pleasure. Contrary to his beliefs he finds himself in an unforeseen situationship with Kamari Wayne.

    Mocha- Mocha, played by Shamea Morton of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is a successful radio DJ in the city of Atlanta that disses all the celebrity dirt and hottest Tee. What happens when her life becomes the gossip and she has to fight to hold on to everything she has worked so hard for.

    23 Reasons Why I'm Going to Hell- (LGBT)- Elijah was the victim of a society where gays are not accepted. After his suicide his best friend Josh finds a video left behind that explains what really happen to him. Josh relives his friends dreadful end as he confronts many of the people who contributed to his downward spiral. Each guy represents another sin.

    Prison Wolf- Signal 23 TV's on spin on the hit 90's show OZ. Starring Lando King as Smoke. Smoke is the drug lord of cell block 23 and he must defend it if he wants to keep his crown.

    David Croft, lead, 28 year old African American entertainment attorney. David is recovering from heart break when he decides to take a break from woman and explore his bisexuality. David has a strong charming sprit. A momma's boy at heart. He is a true masculine male who is open about his sexuality to everyone but his mother. David feels misunderstood as a bisexual male but pays little attention to sexual criticism of society. David also has a very successful career as an entertainment attorney.

    The OtherSide Character Breakdowns....Sides available at CLICK ON CASTING

    Kamari Wayne, lead, 25 year old, African American gay male in an destructive relationship who falls in love in the midst of an affair. Kamari is faced with a difficult decision to stay in the relationship he is used to or to step out of faith and start something new. Kamari is going through a rough period in life and uses sex to mask the confusion of his emotions. Kamari looks like something out of a magazine, he has a nicely chiseled chest and a track stars lower body.

    Justice Grant, supporting 32 year old, African American or Biracial gay male. Ex military guy with anger issues. Justice is very possessive and controlling. Justice has a strong muscular build and is mentally damaged from his time in the navy. Justice suffers from extreme bipolar disorder.

    Maliya West, supporting 25 year old, Hispanic or multiracial female. She a very sexual seductive alluring woman. She is willing to jump every obstacle to win back her ex boyfriend David Croft. Her love for him is a bit unhealthy at times that causes her mental state to be unstable.

    Latrice Jones , supporting 29 year old, African American woman. Beautiful full figured woman with a comedic spirit. She does not hold her tongue and is the best friend of David Croft. Latrice is David's biggest supporter pushing him to live his life and love whom he choose.

    Dianna Croft, supporting, 47 year old, African American woman. Mother of David Croft. David is all that she has left in the world, she still spoils him at the age of 28 years old.

    Terrance, supporting, 32 year old, African American male, heterosexual male that due to work has to encounter working closely with a gay male. Yet he can be a bit emotional he is a super Masculine manly man.

    Carter, supporting, 28 year old, African American bisexual male, friend of David and truly the only person that knows how David's head works.
    Alex, supporting, 28 year old, Biracial male, boyfriend of Carter, has a comedic spirit and is very light hearted.

    Mocha Character Breakdowns.... Sides will be available at (By March 20th) CLICK ON CASTING

    Regg- 20-23 year drop dead gorgeous African American male , old rookie basketball player. First draft pic to the Atlanta Hawks. Sweeps Mocha off her feet but is he too young for her?

    Skillz- 28-20 year old, hip hop rapper, One of the biggest names rappers in the game. He has an on again off again relationship with Mocha since high school but he is running from marriage and can't keep the groupies away. He does everything to show Mocha she is the love of his life but always messes up in the end.

    Sy- 28 year old female, Mocha's best friend since the age of four and the producer.

    Harriett- Head Talent Coordinator and VP of the Radio station. Mocha's boss

    Jess- 25 year old Mocha's little brother. He is a masculine gay male.

    23 Reasons Why I'm Going to Hell.... Sides will be available at (By March 20th) CLICK ON CASTING

    Joshua - 21 year old black male Best Friend to Elijah. They have been best friends since primary school. Joshua is his straight best friend who his secretly falls in love with.

    Grandfather Evans- 60 year old, African American male. Deacon at the church loves his grandson but does not accept his way of life.

    David- Elijah will do everything for David. David allows Elijah to give him head. Crush-rap

    Solomon- 21 year old down low gay guy on college campus who Elijah is jealous of.

    Peter- gay party where he thinks he can fit in but people are still making fun of him . violence

    Jude and Judas- 20 year old twin bothers, lust they play Elijah to make him think they are the same person,

    Prison Wolf Sides will be available at (By March 20th) CLICK ON CASTING
    Dylan, young and painfully white, in prison of mass murder at a small church.
    Socks - 25 years old Smoke's right hand and most loyal follower. Jokes from time to time.
    3 Fingers- 27 years old in jail for armed robbery.

    Bug- 28 year old, attractive male in prison money embezzlement.

    Smiley - 30-35 Big guy that never smiles. He is aggressive. Serving a 2 Life Sentences

    Jelly- 24 year old gay male of prison. Very flamboyant. He knows everything that happens in the prison.

    Simone- 45 to 50 year old, Smokes Mother .
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