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    Questions & Answers for Talent

    Elite Casting Network (ECN) is the answer to furthering your current or aspiring career in the entertainment industry. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we provide an unparalleled database of talent to our wide network of Casting Directors and other industry decision makers who are constantly looking for talent to work in their television, film, stage and other productions. Become a member of ECN to benefit from increased work, increased exposure, and possibly the 'big break' you've been looking for.

    Following are some helpful questions and answers about ECN, our offerings, and how to best utilize our services. Of course, if you have any question that is not answered here, please Contact Us - we are here to help.

    What is Elite Casting Network?

    Elite Casting Network (ECN) is the premier social networking site for the Entertainment Business. Elite Casting Network offers a talent database, used by Casting Directors, Agents, & other Entertainment Industry Professionals, to find Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers, & all other types of talent for projects they are casting. Talent can also find Auditions & Casting Calls, get a FREE online portfolio, write blogs, create free photo albums, network with other talent & entertainment professionals, & learn about the entertainment business in our community forums.

    Do I need a credit card to enroll?

    At ECN we have eliminated the cost barrier by creating an innovative program that allows any member to upgrade to any membership level without paying any money at all. We do this by giving members the choice of thousands of surveys and offers to complete. After completing each offer or survey you earn credits. Then you can use your credits to upgrade your membership. Click here for more details on upgrading your membership for free.

    Why should I join Elite Casting Network?

    If you would like to break into the entertainment industry, or are already in the industry but want to have your picture and resume seen in order to obtain more work, then ECN is the perfect tool for you. Anyone who is serious about his or her career in the entertainment industry should consider joining ECN. It doesn't matter whether you are an extra, an actor, or a stunt person - you need to promote yourself in as many ways as possible.

    ECN is the single most cost effective way to promote yourself and your career online to talent Agents and Casting Directors all over the world. It is also the best way to get the latest casting and crew audition notices - all consolidated in one place - instantly. The implementation of our state-of-the-art talent database has enabled us to service and market talent including Actors, Extras, Models, Vocalists, Musicians, Dancers, etc. The best part is that since we use the power of the Internet, we market our talent 24 hours a day to the whole world. Whether you are experienced or not, if you are interested in any aspect of the entertainment industry, your personal profile in our talent database will provide you with all of the tools you need to put your career on the road to success.

    As a performer, it is important to get your face and resume in front of those who count. Elite Casting Network enables you to not only have your portfolio online for consideration by Casting Directors and Agents, but also gives you the ability to immediately send information about yourself straight to anyone via email. If you want to be remembered, nothing is more effective than making a contact call to a casting person and then following up immediately with an up-to-date photo and resume directly from your online profile. This is the most cost effective way to present yourself to talent Agents and Casting Directors all over the world. While ECN is not a guarantee of work and stardom (only your talent and ability will ultimately determine that), it is a real working tool to assist you in promoting yourself to the industry.

    If I created a recurring subscription how do I stop getting billed?

    We leave all of the billing in the hands of the customer. You have full control over your own billing and may cancel anytime by logging into your Elite Casting Network account. If you paid for your membership through PayPal click here for details about how to cancel anytime. If you paid for your membership directly through our site using a credit card click here to cancel anytime.

    Okay, I have my pictures. Now how do I get them onto the computer to upload to the site?

    You may upload pictures that are up to 10 megabyte (10 million bytes). The ideal picture size/dimensions is 576 x 720 pixels (these are the exact same dimensions of an 8 by 10 inch headshot). You can use any picture or photo editor like Photoshop to resize and adjust your pictures. If you do not have a photo-editing program, you can download a good free program here called

    If you have a scanner, or know someone who does, you can just scan your photographs and save them as .gif or JPEG files (.jpg). Photos should be about 72 dpi (onscreen resolution). If you don't have a scanner, or you're not sure if you can scan them to the correct size requirements, the easiest and fastest way to get your pictures uploaded into your profile page is to go to a local UPS Store or FedEx Kinko's and ask them to scan your pictures and save them on a disk or directly upload them into your profile right there. This will only take you a few minutes and won't cost much at all.

    Once you have pictures on your computer or on a disk/CD, simply log onto your account and select the link to "Upload Pictures". You will be able to browse to the location where your photos are (whether it be somewhere on your hard drive, the CD drive, floppy disk drive, or wherever) and will be able to select them one at a time. When you are done adding photos, go to your profile page to make sure everything looks how you wanted it. Remember you can always add/remove/replace photos - so if something isn't just right, don't panic. Simply go into your account and remove the picture that you don't want up there. You can then add that or another picture back when you are ready.

    Why would a Talent Agent or Casting Director use this service?

    As we become a paperless society, more and more business is being done via the Internet. Our service allows a talent agent or Casting Director to look for talent and crew at his/her leisure - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We eliminate the difficulty of doing it the old-fashioned way with manual files. Our online service is a huge time saver for casting personnel. The talent search engine allows Agents and Casting Directors to find the specific type of person that is needed for a particular job, with minimal effort. In addition, a Casting Director/Talent Agent can post a casting notice to find specific talent or crew instantly. Best of all, our service is free to Casting Directors and Agents. So they save the time of looking through countless paper files - and time is money - so it's a no-brainer for them.

    Do you sell acting classes or photos?

    No, our sole purpose is to give you the exposure you need to be discovered and get work in the in the entertainment industry.

    How many Casting Directors use your site?

    Countless! Casting Directors and Agents worldwide have free 24-hour access to our talent database.

    Is Elite Casting Network an Agency, Management Company, Casting Company, or Production Company?

    No, at ECN we offer a database/search engine used by Casting Directors, Agents, and production companies to find the talent they are looking for. We pride ourselves on offering both freelance and represented performers an excellent chance of being seen and discovered by the entertainment industry.

    How long will it take to register?

    Registration takes no longer, than 5 minutes and your account will be activated instantly when you enroll online.

    Is my information secure with ECN?

    Absolutely, as part of our privacy policy, your personal information, including your last name, address, phone number, and email address will never be given out to anyone. For any sensitive information that is transmitted to and from our site we use 128-bit encryption - the industry standard for keeping personal information such as credit card numbers and other information safe and secure, and the same level of encryption that is used anytime you make a credit card transaction on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Expedia.

    Do I have to post my picture and resume if I become a member?

    The option is yours. You can post them if you like or leave them blank. However, when Casting Directors or talent agents search our talent database, they will not find you if you don't have at least one picture uploaded. Of course, you will still be able to submit for any casting or crew job notice that is accepting submissions by mail or in person.

    Do I need previous experience to join Elite Casting Network?

    Previous acting or performing experience is not necessary to join ECN. Not all roles in productions require previous experience. Casting Directors and Agents love the opportunity to find dependable new talent. Many production companies will not require that you have had any previous experience for a particular role - they may be just looking for the right face for the right part. Of course, we recommend that you consider training in your chosen field if you want to pursue a particular path in the industry.

    In addition to acting roles, however, many Casting Directors use our service to hire extras for movies and television production. Unlike acting roles, often non-actors can easily land roles as extras. In fact, many Casting Directors prefer to find non-aspiring actors for roles as extras. A large number of our members have no acting experience and don't aspire to be professional actors - they simply want to get work as an extra so that they can make good money while working at a fun job and rubbing elbows with the stars. So whether you are an aspiring actor who still needs experience or someone who just wants to make money as an extra, ECN is a great place to jumpstart your career in entertainment.

    I am a professional performer with an agent. Why should I consider becoming a member of Elite Casting Network?

    Aside from Elite Casting Network being a great resource for the industry in general, all casting professionals are given the opportunity to narrow their search to specific criteria. This allows a performer with higher skills to be cast for more suitable jobs and projects. You can constantly keep your photos and details fully up-to-date without being charged any alteration fees. Elite Casting Network could also save you quite a lot of the money you may be currently be spending on the cost of printing and mailing of portfolios and resumes. Elite Casting Network gives you speed and convenience when getting your info to a potential employer and instant Internet delivery to them via email.

    What if I live in a small town or remote location away from all of the 'action' in Los Angeles, New York, & other large cities?

    Not at all. Although many movies and most television shows are filmed in Los Angeles or one of a few other major cities, these days production companies film on location all over the United States and abroad - especially for feature films. It is imperative that we have talent all over the world to service the casting needs of our Casting Directors sufficiently. Usually in feature films, the smaller roles and extras are given to actors who are local to where the filming is taking place. It is simply impractical and often logistically impossible to fly all of these people in from Los Angeles or wherever the production studios are located. Many actors have been 'discovered' through being in the right place at the right time when a major production was going on in their area and getting a small role or even a non-speaking role that put their face on the big screen and in front of thousands of Casting Directors and Agents.

    If I do not have an Agent can I register with Elite Casting Network?

    Yes, everybody can register Elite Casting Network. ECN is one of the few casting resources around that lets freelance performers promote themselves effectively. You do not have to be currently represented by an Agent to be listed in our talent database. For those who don't have an agent, our service is one of the best ways to get work and possibly be discovered. For those who already have an Agent, it is another cost-effective way to get even more exposure and more work.

    What types of people are already using Elite Casting Network?

    Basically, just about any and every type of performer is represented among the extensive membership of ECN. If someone does a job for which a Casting Director or Agent could recruit for - be it for anything from an extra to a lead role - then ECN is the place for them to get the exposure they need to land more frequent and more important roles. Some examples of the wide variety of types of performers included among our current membership are Actors, Models, Extras, Child Performers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Stunt Performers, Choreographers, Body Parts Models, Comedians, Composers, Animal Actors, Hosts and MC's, Variety Artists, Impersonators/Look-a-Likes, Voice-Over Artists, Promotional Personnel and more!

    If you're not sure if you have that stereotypical actor, model or star 'look', remember that productions call for a wide variety of talent and looks, and we need to be able to supply our Casting Directors and Agents with that variety. So we need males and females of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities.

    What if I already have an agent?

    That's great; Elite Casting Network will just provide more opportunities for you to get work in the industry.

    Why should I use the Internet to promote myself instead of simply using traditional headshots?

    First, take a quick look around our site or at a Sample Profile and see, what other performers have done for themselves with Elite Casting Network. What we offer goes far beyond the scope of headshots, and the most important aspect is that since your profile is on the Web, your headshots, resume, talents, and even audio/video clips can be sent to anyone instantaneously - just by providing them with your unique Web address. Each person's profile and resume lets them display their own personal Web page in an up-to-date, consistent, professional manner to casting directors. Getting your own Web page/profile is just the start, however. By joining ECN and creating your profile, you automatically become a part of our extensive talent database, which allows Casting Directors and Agents to find you when they are looking for talent that meets the specific criteria you select. What that boils down to is a targeted search that returns fewer, but more qualified leads. Instead of paging through hundreds of files and headshots, Casting Directors and Agents can narrow their search using the power of our tool - saving them precious time. That is why Casting Directors and Agents love our site, and keep coming back from more. And that's why you need to get yourself out there where you can be found - for jobs that are appropriate to your talents and experience level.

    How old do I have to be to join Elite Casting Network?

    It does not matter how old you are. We have people on Elite Casting Network of all ages, starting from as young as a few months old right through to preschoolers, teenagers, adults, and grandparents. The entertainment industry calls for all types of people and all different aged characters - from children to adults. If you are under 18 years of age, make sure you have your parents' permission to join ECN.

    What if I only want to do principal work?

    With your personalized profile page, we are able to help you market your skills and services to Agents and Casting Directors looking for talent who have the ability to do principal work.

    What can I have on my profile page?

    Each profile page can have up to 300 photographs (for more on how to post pictures, read the other questions in this section). Each profile page allows you to list a wide variety of personal attributes and special skills as well as your entertainment resume. This information is vital for helping Casting Directors and Agents to narrow down their searches to find the talent that is most appropriate for their needs. Optionally, all members can include audio and video clips showcasing their talents and abilities. To take a look at a fully functional example of what your profile page can look like, view our Sample Profile.

    Who will have access to my profile page?

    Everyone will have access to your profile page. It is our intention to promote you and your career to as many people as possible. However, Elite Casting Network does not give out any personal contact information to casting personnel or anyone else. It is important that you always keep your details up-to-date and current with us (including email address, phone, fax, and addresses) so that you can be contacted quickly and ensure that you are able to get back to the casting personnel promptly. Casting Directors will contact you directly by email or through the built-in instant messaging system or email in our site.

    When someone wants me to audition for a project or is possibly interested in hiring me, how will I be contacted?

    Beneath the large picture on your profile page is a link that says 'Click Here to Contact Member'. Casting Directors and Agents can use this to contact you using our ECN private instant message system.

    I am an ECN member. How do I update my profile page?

    When you join, you will be able to select your own Username and Password. At any time you can change, add to, or update your profile by logging into your account. Just go to 'My Account' and enter your Username and Password. Once logged onto your account you will be able to easily update any of your information.

    How do I make the most of my Elite Casting Network personal profile page and membership?

    Elite Casting Network is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing user-friendly access to both you and casting personnel, at literally any time. To maximize the use of your personal profile, we recommend you actively take the time to further market yourself to the people in the industry who are casting the sorts of projects you would like to audition for. Elite Casting Network allows you to easily email your personal profile to a wide array of casting companies, production companies, photographers, promotional companies, agencies, and other places that are looking for any kind of talent.

    You should check the Elite Casting Network Casting Calls for new audition notices often. When you find one that you are interested in, use the contact information in the notice to send your information to the casting director. Be sure to include a link to your online profile page and let them know where you saw the notice posted (

    How do I go about taking & selecting photographs on my profile page?

    The first step you need to take is to make sure you have all of the photographs that you need. We highly recommend using a professional photographer for these photos if you are serious about furthering your career. Headshots are the first and often only impression many Casting Directors and talent scouts will get of you - it is imperative that they get a good impression from your photos.

    If you aren't ready to get professional photographs yet, you can use personal photographs (you can always replace them later). If this is the case, take care to select a few very good pictures. If you are going to take some new photographs personally, we recommend looking for a student of photography or a friend who is into photography. Anything that can improve the quality of your photos will help you in the long run. We recommend that you look in acting and/or fashion magazines and look through the Sample Profiles on this site to get some ideas on poses, settings, and other elements that you could use in your photos. Take a variety of pictures from different angles and distances, in different outfits with different makeup and hairstyles. It's important to present as many 'looks' as possible, because you never know what specific look a Casting Director or agent may have in mind. Of course, make sure to utilize the photographs to show off your talents. If you are a model, you will want shots highlighting your beauty and your strong points. If you are a serious actor, you will want shots that demonstrate your ability to portray emotion and depth.

    I would like professional photos, but I don't have any yet. Where should I start?

    A great place to start in finding a good photographer is to look at our list of Recommended Photographers. Alternatively, you can use a search engine like Google, use your local yellow pages, or ask a fellow performer if they can recommend anyone they have used. A reputable photographer will always be happy to show you some of their previous work. Make sure they can show you some good examples of what you are looking for, or something similar. Always ask for a list of charges up front so you know how much it will end up costing you. If you want to get your personal profile up immediately, you can always put a non-professional photograph up for now, and then replace it at any time when you have the professional ones taken.

    How do I find the contact information of all the different casting personnel?

    The first place to look is on the ECN site, on our Talent Resources. You may also find their contact info by looking them up in a search engine like Google or in the yellow pages. There are also industry magazines and directories that cater specifically to the listing of entertainment Agents and various personnel.

    Can I upload audio & video clips?

    Yes, you may upload audio and/or video clips into your profile. Audio clips can be up to 6 megs per file and video clips can be up to 10 megs.

    Do you guarantee work?

    The only guarantees in life arewell you know the rest. In this industry, although no one can guarantee you work, our first and most important priority is for our talent to work as often as possible. To this end, we have developed a very sophisticated, yet user-friendly talent database that attracts the use of many Agents and Casting Directors. We also provide you with extensive, up-to-the-minute information on casting calls to keep you aware on a daily basis of jobs available in the entertainment industry.

    Can I change my User Name and Password?

    Yes, you may change your username and password at any time by logging into your account. When you change your information, make sure to remember what you changed it to, or write it down some place safe.

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    middle Granville, New York
    Click to view Renae's profile on We joined ECN on January 31, 2007. On Feb. 9, 2007 we signed with Metro Girl Model LLC in NJ. May God continue to bless you to help others. Thanks so much!
    Antioch, California
    Click to view addie's profile on "ECN has opened up so many more opportunities for me to succeed in my goal to become an experienced actress!!!"
    denver, colorado
    Click to view Stephanie's profile on Well I am a new member and already have been contacted a couple times for movies and theater! Thanks so much ECN you guys rock!!!! I am so excited for what lies ahead.
    waldorf, Maryland
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    Click to view Aravia 's profile on Wow I have been on this site for about 1 week now and I have already had many Casting Directors view my profile!
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