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Laura last logged in on 06/24/2012 at 2:50PM Laura (ID #6485101)
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An Answer

After a lot of praying, and research into a few alternate possibilites in case the issues with IADT's financial aid are not resolved soon, I believe I may have found a solution. No, not a solution--a decent alternative that I am ready and willing to give my whole heart to. Since I was little, I have felt pulled towards acting, dancing, and singing (and in that order). In the past, I have made a little attempt to fulfill my dreams of becoming an actress, on stage or on camera, with no results. I'm not surprised, really, because the effort I put into it as I was pitiful. However, I needed that time just to be me--without the pressue of auditioning for role after role, and performing. I needed time just to train at my local high school (Performing Arts, no doubt). And I needed to grow up, and realize that life isn't a fairytale--and learn how to deal with the ups and downs.

It's been three years since I graduated from high school, and about three years since I've gotten the opportunity to perform. In the last three years, I have grown up more than I could realize as it was happening. I had my heartbroken numerous times by the same silly boy, learned to live on my own away from my parents (a dorm, but still away from home, nonetheless), and dealt with the loss of a grandparent (I'd never had a family member pass away until my grandmother passed.) This past week, I came to the realization that I miss acting, and I miss performing. So what I've decided is that I may stay at home with my parents while taking some classes at the local community college, and booking auditions (to the best of my abilities). And even if the IADT issues resolve themselves...perhaps I'll be able to work my way through college by acting in student films in the area? I don't know. What I do know is that right now, my heart is in performing. Wish me luck; I'm off to memorize a few monologues to use in my future auditions!

Gender: Female
Age range: 15 - 23
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Hairstyle/Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Weight: 145 lbs / 65 kg
Height: 5' 5 " / 167 cm
Dress Size: 11
Chest/Bust: DD
Shoe Size: 9
Physique: Medium
Citizenship: United States
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How many miles willing to travel for work: 100
Residence: Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Also available for work in: Orlando, Tampa, Winter Park
Transportation Licenses: Car
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Unique Attributes: Glasses
Languages: English
Ballet StarStar
Jazz/Modern Star
Tango Star
Tap Star
Waltz Star
Hip Hop Star
Musical Theatre Star
Choral/Choir StarStarStar
Rollerblading Star
Swimming Star
Aerobics Star
Roller Skating Star
Ice Skating Star
Bowling Star
Bicycle StarStar
Acrobatics Star
Stage Combat; Mime StarStarStar
Medium Skilled =    Highly Skilled =    Professional =

I am 25, and grew in Kissimmee, FL although I feel more at home in the mountains of Tennessee where my family vacationed every summer growing up. I started taking dance lessons at age 3, and at the age of nine, my third grade teacher offered our class the opportunity to perform a short skit for the Christmas season which is where I fell in love with acting and all that it entails. (I played an elf as an extra although originally given the part of Mrs. Claus. I chickened out of playing Mrs. Claus due to nerves.) In the 7th grade, my drama teacher encouraged me to pursue my acting talents, saying I had a real gift for the craft. From there I went on to graduate from a performing arts high school (after two years in a technical one) where I took courses in acting, drama, directing, musical theatre and theatre history. Stage combat and mime workshops were provided within my drama courses, I had a blast learning those skills and would love to learn more.

After graduating from the Osceola County School for the Arts, I took a year off to get myself together and more in the 'mood' (so to speak) for attendance at college. In the fall of 2006, I enrolled in a Student Life Skills course at the community college in my area, and began attending Cornerstone Church with my friend from high school, a friend who quickly became my best friend. After taking another semester off in the spring of 2007, I decided to give college another try, this time as a full-time student living in a dormitory at Trinity College of Florida.

In the spring of 2008, I started dealing with a lot of letdowns and disappointments about my college experience. Trinity College just wasn't/isn't the place for me, and I initially opted to attempt a transfer to IADT in Tampa to study fashion design having a keen interest in the field. Having been accepted to IADT, I began the process of transferring credits and financial information, however my struggles with the financial aid department left me to wonder where I truly belonged. I eventually transferred all of my information to Valencia College and am enrolled their as a current study although I am not enrolled for any courses, presently.

(This biography was last updated June 24, 2012)
I have a background in ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, modern and hip-hop dancing, and am currently exploring my options to take some adult dance classes at a local studio.
Ballet, 10 yrs.
Tap, 4 yrs.
Jazz, 6 yrs.
Acrobatics (Floor only, no equipment), 5 yrs.
Modern, 1 yr.
Hip-Hop, 1 yr.

I have performed in class venues, performing two monologues from a book of monologues for actors, a Shakespeare sonnet, and some verses from Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven. I was also a cast member of the school's Storybook Theatre troupe in 2005, where I had small parts in the Bremen Town Musicians, Robber Bridegroom, and The Golden Goose. (These credits can be found on my resume.)

I was also a dancer/singer for the song of "Ease on Down the Road" from the musical, The Wiz, in the Leggz Dance Academy dance recital in 2002.
Dancing, singing along to my favorite music, cross-stitching, hanging out with friends, writing/blogging, drawing, etc.
Film, Television, Commercial
  1. Creative
  2. Dedicated
  3. Talented
  4. Willing to Learn

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